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About Me

Brandy Ledford is an American/Canadian actress, dancer and former model.  She was born on February 4th to Sandra and Ken Ledford. Her mother is from Canada, with New Zealand roots and her father is part Cherokee Indian from North Carolina. Brandy was raised in Redondo Beach, CA with her mother and her younger sister and brothers. She discovered her love for dancing at an early age and began competing in local and national drill team competitions, winning the World Drill Team championships in 1980. 


After graduating from Redondo Union High School, Brandy started her modeling career.  She lived in Japan, New York and Canada and traveled all over the globe as a model and dancer.  


From 1993-96, Brandy attended the Baron Brown Studio in Los Angeles, CA, where she studied acting with DW Brown. She continued her training with Margie Haber at the Margie Haber Studio for a number of years. She made her film debut in a small, but memorable role in the blockbuster movie, Demolition Man, starring Sylvester Stallone.  Her next role was as Bud’s love interest on Married with Children, which landed her the lead role of Alex Davies in the ABC production of Aaron Spelling’s, Pier 66.


Since then, she has starred as a series regular on several TV series, most notably Baywatch: Hawaii and she has guest-starred on popular sitcoms like, Modern Family and movies such as Rat Race and the HBO hit, Zebra Lounge. She has a large sci-fi following due to her role as Doyle in Andromeda, which she counts as her favorite character to play.  In 2006, Brandy was cast in the critically acclaimed television show, Whistler, which she was nominated for both the Leo Award and the Gemini Award for her performance.  


Brandy continues to study dance and spends her time between Los Angeles, Vancouver and Kauai where she enjoys being a mom and a wife and spends quality time on fitness, health and helping others.


Height: 5"6

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: Los Angeles, CA

2010 - present
2010 - present
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